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The Estate

Originally developed as a “Garden Estate” in the 1920s and 1930s, Chelsfield Park is a small residential area on the fringes of South East London where town gives way to open countryside. With a direct connection of 25 minutes by rail from Central London to Chelsfield Station, away from the cramped hustle and bustle of the city Chelsfield Park is a quiet leafy area where many of the housing plots are over 1 acre in size. There is a cricket ground, sports field and tennis club, and good local schools and ameneties.

The heart of Chelsfield Park estate is 2.5 miles from Junction 4 of the M25 giving excellent journey times to various locations:

  • Ashford Designer Outlet, 45 miles / 48 min
  • Bluewater Shopping Centre, 12miles / 16 min
  • Lakeside Shopping Centre, 15 miles / 20 min
  • The Glades Shopping Centre, 6 miles / 17 min

  • Ebbsfleet International Railway Station, 14 miles / 19 min
  • Eurotunnel Folkestone Terminal, 55 miles / 51 min

  • London Biggin Hill Airport, 5 miles / 13 min
  • London City Airport, 27 miles / 37 min
  • London Gatwick Airport, 28 miles / 31 min
  • London Heathrow Airport, 50 miles / 52 min
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A Chronological Sketch of the History of The Park


Homesteads purchased much of the estate, other parts being bought subsequently.

Late 1920s through to late 1930s

Homesteads develop and sell most of the plots, keeping some to rent, these were later sold.


Formation of Chelsfield Park Recreation and Sports Club. The recreation club ground was leased to club trustees.

1930 to 1939

The recreation ground was cleared, a cricket table and tennis courts laid out and pavilions and a refreshment hut erected.


The war caused a temporary cessation of the activities of the club and the ground was (according to a 1977 newsletter) ‘taken over by rabbits’. At the end of the war there was no money in the kitty and the club joined forces with Green Street Green Cricket Club. The rabbits were cleared, the buildings renovated, the grounds including the cricket and tennis facilities restored.


A number of far sighted residents agreed to form The Chelsfield Park Residents Association Limited and to purchase the recreation field from Homesteads Limited for £100.00.

15 September 1951

The Residents Association was incorporated and purchased the recreation ground.


Homesteads Limited purchased Brimstone Farm which was developed as Brimstone Close and “added” to the Chelsfield Park Estate.

23 February 1984

Homesteads Limited transferred to the Association various pieces of “highway waste” land and assigned to us the benefit of the covenants.

“Millennium Booklet” – 2001

This was one of the most expensive projects undertaken by the Council so it has been very heartening to receive an overwhelmingly favourable response. Copies have been sent to a number of former residents, many of whom have been delighted to receive the booklet and renew the acquaintance. Thanks again all those who contributed. There are still some copies of the booklet available. If you are interested, please Email General Enquiries.

“Chelsfield Chronicles” – 2003 (a book by Geoffrey Copus)

Based firmly on 50 years of research in primary sources -approximately 200 pages, with many illustrations.
The following topics are included, among others:

  • Wills, deeds and inventories from mediaeval times onwards
  • Chelsfield hamlets – Pratts Bottom, Green Street Green, Well Hill, Maypole The Manors of Chelsfield, Hewitts, Goddington and Norsted
  • Emigrants from Chelsfield
  • Chelsfield people and family history
  • St. Martin’s Church – much hitherto unpublished material
  • The great Chelsfield inheritance Court case, 1726-1733
  • Lilleys Farm – a well-documented history with a tragic end

If you would like to buy a copy, please send your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address to GD Copus, 17 Oakdale Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN4 8DS.

It is also available to buy online:

  • Chelsfield Chronicles: Annals of a Kentish Parish ( - Click here
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Development of The Estate

Over the years there have been four major challenges to the covenant of one house per plot. The first went to the High Court on 28 July 1958, the others all went to the Lands Tribunal and were heard on 29 March 1961 , 25 March 1965 and the most recent on 5 October 1987. I n every case the validity of the covenant was upheld and the application to build in breach of it refused.

In addition to these full blown legal challenges there have been numerous cases where the gentle art of persuasion has had a similar effect, happily resulting in prevention of the need to go to the extent of fighting a Court case.

The covenants were administered by Homesteads Limited down to 1984 when the Association took over. The Association considers it hard to overstate the importance of the covenants. Many times this has been emphasised by members at AGMs by giving the Management Council a clear and firm mandate to enforce the covenant and by the creation of a fighting fund which is reserved in the accounts.

Some argue that with the passage of years times change and the covenants should now be regarded as obsolete. Whilst it is true that a very few people have put up extensions without permission the vast majority come to live on the Park to enjoy the environment which maintaining the spirit of the covenant enhances. Trees are just as important to us and we are lucky to have an active and knowledgeable tree warden. The firm view of the Management Council (which represents the views expressed by so many members) is that far from detracting from the desirability and enforceability of the covenants the passage of time and continued observance simply makes the future maintenance of the covenants increasingly important.

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Estate Maps and Postcodes

Chelsfield Park Estate Map

Please click the image for a larger plan.

Chelsfield Park Post Codes

Road Numbers Post Code
Brimstone Close All BR6 7ST
Chelsfield Hill All BR6 7SL
Church Road All BR6 7SN
Homestead Road Odd 1-49 BR6 6HN
Even 2-40 BR6 6HW
Julian Road Odd 1-39 BR6 6HT
Even 2-40 BR6 6HU
Oxenden Wood Road 1-25 and 27 BR6 6HR
26 and 28-55 BR6 6HP
Roseneath Close All BR6 7SR
Sevenoaks Road All BR6 7SE
The Hillside All BR6 7SD
The Meadows All BR6 6HS
The Meadway All BR6 6HH
The Woodlands All BR6 6HL
Worlds End Lane Odd 183-227 BR6 6AT
Odd 229-239 BR6 7SS
Even 116-174 BR6 6AS
Even 176-188 BR6 7SS
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Millennium Booklet

In 2001 a booklet was produced to commemorate 75 years of the history of Chelsfield Park.

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