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Welcome to The website of Chelsfield Park Residents Association and Chelsfield Park Neighbourhood Watch

About the Residents Association

The main activities of our Residents Association are:

  • Enforcement of the Covenants protecting our properties (CPRA Ltd took over the administration of covenants from Homesteads Limited in 1984)
  • Advising and issuing Licences for all external building works, such as extensions and new houses as required by the covenants
  • Providing Cricket and Tennis facilities at our Sports Ground
  • Advising and/or representing residents regarding local issues
  • Representing residents at the London Borough of Bromley Federation of Residents Associations
  • Co-ordinating the CPRA Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
  • Communicating via an Annual Newsletter, Website, & E-Mail

If there is anything you would like to know about the Residents Association or about the Estate, please use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page and we will be glad to help.

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Chelsfield Park Residents Association Membership

The annual CPRA subscription (£10) runs from 1 January to 31 December. An AGM open to all members is held in mid-May. We continue to maintain a very high level of membership, mainly due to the efforts of the CPRA Management Council who collect the subs. If you are a resident and would like to become a member of the Association, please complete a Standing Order Form (from 2004-05 onwards residents have been encouraged to pay by Standing Order) or tell us via the Contact Form  if you would like to pay by cheque or cash.

Some comments from past and present members of the Association:

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be part of the CPRA community during the last 5 years. Wishing the Association continuing health and prosperity for many years to come.
Terry & Helen Nicholls (ex 2 Meadway)
Will miss living here…
Sandra Van Steenkiste (‘The Holding’, Sankey’s Field)
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Alteration Licenses

Building Without Planning Consent

From October 2008, certain permitted developments can proceed without planning permission. There are limiting terms of reference, and local authorities can apply their own criteria - see Bromley’s Building Control FAQ . However, the covenants governing the Estate require that all alterations or additions are the subject of a licence. We rely on the publication of planning notices to initiate our consultations etc. and the absence of such notices may result in us being unaware of certain smaller developments.
The purpose of this alert is to remind any residents who are contemplating permitted developments, that they should still apply for a licence.
Philip Horton (CPRA Licensing Committee)

Guidance Notes (2017 Issue), Application and Payment

Guidance Notes for licence applications required by the covenants

Application Forms


Please send your completed form (both pages must be completed), together with a cheque for the appropriate amount made payable to: Chelsfield Park Residents Association Ltd
send to Mr. P. G. Horton, 26 Oxenden Wood Road, Chelsfield Park, BR6 6HP.

Current Fee Schedule

Proposal Fee
Extension £75
New Build Property £150
Extension (Retrospective) £250
New Build (Retrospective) £500
Permitted Development £75
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Tree Protection

Trees on the Estate are legally protected by one of the Covenants which apply to nearly every property. In addition, and quite separately, certain trees are protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) administered by Bromley Council. New TPOs are made from time to time but we are not always aware of them. In view of the penalties which breach of a TPO could entail, residents planning to have tree work done are advised to contact the Bromley Council Tree Officer on telephone number 0208-313-4515 as well as calling the Estate Tree Warden.

Bromley Council can investigate and prosecute anyone who has carried out work without prior written consent. This would lead to an appearance in a Magistrates Court and fines for offences can be as much as £20,000. Penalties in Crown Courts are unlimited, but can be based on profit made. If a tree is removed without consent then a replacement must be planted, unless Bromley Council dispenses with the requirement. If no planting is carried out, then they can enforce it.

Chelsfield Park was originally developed as a “Garden Estate” in the 1920s and 1930s, and trees planted by residents at that time which added to existing woodland, trees and hedges, have resulted in the sylvan setting that we live in today. This setting enhances our property values and gives the Estate its distinctive character. It is this that we need to preserve.

There may be problems. As an example, a “dwarf Conifer” planted in the thirties close to the house, may have become a massive tree attaining 20 metres or more, and where it was sited may no longer be acceptable due to heavy shading of garden or house or even potential root damage. Other trees in 50-60 years may have become weak, damaged, diseased or dying. The Tree Warden’s primary responsibility is to preserve existing trees on the Estate; but he/she will adopt a reasonable and helpful approach. It may be possible to give to the resident advice on trimming or topping, or by planting replacement trees.

We rely on residents to continue to help the Tree Warden by warning of potential tree problems in or near their gardens before we are faced with a chain-saw and a misshapen or a felled tree.

Tree Warden Contact

Ann Gleeson (Tree Warden)
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The Residents Association took over the administration of covenants from Homesteads Limited in 1984. The Association considers it hard to overstate the importance of the covenants. Many times this has been emphasized by members at AGMs by giving the Management Council a clear and firm mandate to enforce the covenants, and by the creation of a fighting fund which is reserved in the accounts.

  • TO erect and maintain in good repair along the north and east sides of the land a good and substantial boundary fence or wall not less than three nor more than five feet in height
  • TO pay the vendors a proportion according to the frontage of the land of the expenses of making, maintaining and repairing the roads, footpaths and sewers adjoining the land until the same be taken by the Local Authority.
  • TO observe along the frontage of the land a building line to be approved by the Vendors of not less than thirty feet from the adjoining road.
  • TO build one house only on the land with or without stabling and outbuildings in accordance with plans and specification to be approved by the vendors.
  • NOT to erect any dwelling house upon the land of less value than Seven Hundred Pounds and not to make any alterations or additions to the premises without first obtaining licence from the Vendors for the said alterations or additions.
  • TO use the said land until built upon as garden or agricultural ground only.
  • TO construct all drains and cesspools to the satisfaction of the Vendors and to permit the Vendors at any time to enter on the land and lay down and construct sewers drain and water courses for the general convenience of the Estate.
  • NOT to erect any temporary buildings on the land other than sheds and workshops to be used only for work incidental to the erection of permanent buildings therein nor allow or suffer any Gipsy Encampment Hut Tent or Caravan to be set up on the land without the Vendors consent in writing first obtained.
  • NOT to cut down any trees nor dig and carry away any earth loam gravel chalk sand or clay from the land and not to set up any machinery thereon and not to carry on any manufacture or operation of a noxious noisome or offensive kind thereon.
  • NOT to use any building for the purpose of a hospital or charitable institution hotel or tavern nor for the sale of beer wine or spirits.
  • The Vendors reserve the right to alter vary increase or diminish these restrictions and stipulations in respect of any portion of Chelsfield Park Estate at any time without recourse to or consent of any of the Purchasers on such Estate.

The above Covenants are typical but some variations are possible; please refer to your deeds for confirmation.

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Articles of Association

The articles of association are the Company's internal rulebook and regulate the internal management of the Company, setting out how decisions are made and various other matters. It deals with matters such as the right of shareholders, the appointment and removal of directors, the conduct of the board and general meetings and communications by the Company.

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Local Information

Groups and events in Chelsfield

Bromley Council

The Customer Services help desk contact points are:

Planning Applications

Electoral Wards

Scroll down for Chelsfield and Pratts Bottom and Orpington

Local Transport

Help in getting around The people of Bromley are keen on their transport issues, and this site gives you all the latest news about the borough’s transport, from speed humps to cycle lanes. A good source of information.

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The Chelsfield Park Residents Association Limited
Registered in England. Register number 00499439
Registered office 3 Oxendenwood Road, Chelsfield, Orpington, Kent BR6 6HR

To Contact the Management Council, please use the Contact Form below:

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